Black Lives matter… Really?

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Isn’t ‘Black Lives matter’ a racism itself?

Is there any point in emphasizing only a specific race of people into who would matter?

A rationally justifiable position would definitely be where all lives matter.


It is strange to see the ‘Black Lives matter’ movement blooming in real. The essence of such movement would be to help the surpassed community live life respectfully by overcoming inequalities and violence, clearing out the walls of racism that unfortunately exists in our society. But the success of such movements help doubts as to whether a pseudo-racism exists in our society; a racism where members of surpassed community themselves are racist towards others by being edged to their own race, ignoring the universal spirit of ‘Humanity matters’ and lacking the sense of brotherhood that is so very true to us.

The core  definition of racism says that it is something unjust done by the privileged communities upon the surpassed ones; the criterion upon these labels depending upon their income, social status and –unfortunately some historicity.

We have been through a time when black people were treated as slaves by white ones. But that was more of a terrifying past rather than a propagandist future. There were as well many stupidities done out of ignorance. For a civilization like ours that manifestly developed from forests following an animalistic culture, certain fallacies such as these are natural. More crucial question is whether racism still exists in our society. The answer turns out to be a ‘YES’. Pragmatically speaking, racism is very often limited within individual sensation where one is obliged to act unjustly rather than as a part of an organized action in favor of that specific race.

“Because of social media we reach people in the smallest corners of America. We are plucking at a cord that has not been plucked forever,” Patrisse Marie Cullors-Brignac, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter says. “There is a network and a hashtag to gather around. It is powerful to be in alignment with our own people.”

All forms of racism existing in our society would manifestly come under a more, effective All Lives matter movement. Only a neutral movement such as this can help stimulate eliminating the racial slur altogether. Had the proponents of Black Lives Matter come up but with a more welcoming name like All Lives matter, it would have been so much better and much agreeable for everyone to raise their voice for. The name Black Lives matter itself spreads racism.

There is also a very egoist cause as to why there is a huge participation from the black community on this movement. Movements such as this allows necessary excuses to be made upon personal not-so-interesting life saying, ‘I could have been better had I been born a white.’ It is more like wearing a mask of inequality voluntarily for sole purpose of acting vulnerable so that continued excuses can be flowered endlessly.

A realist would try to see the problem at a fundamental level and come up with pragmatist solution rather than brag about the problem that will bloom it for worse.



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