Purpose-driven-sense of Curiosity

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Purpose driven sense of Curiosity (PDSC)


conversion of water into steam

Random spontaneous processes that occur ceaselessly have no bearing where we can assign its emergence by any process of intelligent inquiry. It turns out that any such attempt is a consequence of poor judgment as to what the inquiry can bring about. Consider for instance, the conversion of water into steam. Now, asking the question “Why does water convert into steam?” out of curiosity, can only lead to frustration. First, it incepts a non-ending room where any possibly sensible answer seems incomplete. Our ability to reason and logicize has in fact to the highest degree possible, enabled us to understand way too complex processes than this one. But no matter how hard you explain the molecular behavior of water at varying temperature under some pressure, there can always be the question”….exactly, so, why does it change because of that?”.

Attempting such questions to answer is to unknowingly profess that exact purpose driven sense of curiosity (PDSC). To be honest, questions like that can’t be acknowledged by any viable means except when you are a rat like Deepak Chopra who because of his disturbed view on consciousness, considers cells (even atoms and other fundamental units like quarks) being sentient at an individual level. His failure to appreciate the emergence of consciousness has led him to ascribe that PDSC so bad that the question of purpose of existence of inanimate matters like atoms sound perfectly sensible to him.

This PDSC is a pseudo fitting in the domain of Reason and Science. It violates the very essence of phenomena by faking something bigger that it is into. A closer scrutiny reveals this PDSC to have psychological origin offering comfort to human mind. It is what ignorant people are naturally tuned to go with. “Why do stars twinkle?”, “Why is the world the way it is?” These are the typical questions of human sphere. “Because God wants it to be the way it is” is a wholesale answer to all sorts of these questions. Rather than evoking knowledge about the phenomena, it shuts down curiosity because it is something that you don’t understand, that it is beyond your conception.

On the other hand, we are equally prone to shutting down curiosity by relating what is conceivably possible. Any answer to such questions is just turning away from the question but interestingly it can’t be accused of not offering warm comfort. A religion like doctrine is born in a sense that it dictates the wholesale answer to all questions of the world and beyond and we on the other hand accept its propositions without any scrutiny, allured by the warm comfort it offers.

The right path to scrutiny starts by asking right questions and “Why?” is not a good question to start with. “How are we here?” is a much better question than “Why are we here?” measured in its potentiality to bring about facts. That would have shifted our rational progress as a species into a more compelling, ignited age of reason and science long ago.

“Why?” is a question, more specifically to be asked in the domain of conscious entities. “Why do you love her?”, ”Because I love her”. These are completely understandable situations though the answer seems weird because of being too general. But people often ask “Why is the universe born?” as though it is a giant living thing that has to justify why his parents fucked. The accurate question to ask is “How is the universe created?” Only when such questions, the right ones, are asked, the evolution of universe can be explained as revealed by modern astronomy and cosmology.

Assuming the world to behave orderly in the questions of right and wrong is what went wrong during my youthful past. Though curiosity is inherent of a child, there are cases when it is engulfed by prejudices. Those prejudices that come into being by asking the wrong questions. Ascribing a PDSC is harmful to the extent that it makes you irrational by acknowledging the non-existent which further captivates your reason. Nevertheless, I am aware that it is foolish to expect the whole world behave rationally. Let us get rid of that PDSC, at least when we are serious and try to embark reason and science to its fullest.

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