Eliminating Superstitions

The root of superstition is tradition or more specifically, religion that is more or less shaped by the culture of the society we live in. Religion structures culture that we acquired living in a variety of conditions over as long back as the civilization started. The role that religion plays in our life is immense. No matter whether we are believers or not, we are inherently connected to religion in one way or the other, as we live in a society pertained by religious beliefs. It is also not that religious ideals are necessarily bad or inappropriate as opposed to what some people says.

Belittling religious believers by ridiculing their beliefs is sure to make our situation worse and lies far off from the ideals of humanity. There must be a balance between our culture, values and norms. We must look for a common ground; a common ground that bestows freedom to choose while simultaneously versatile enough for scrutiny and disregard if otherwise.