Global Warming

During the period of industrialization, when high concentration of harmful gases were released, it started to pollute the atmosphere, causing the temperature of the earth to increase as heat waves coming from the sun were trapped inside. At present, Global warming is one of the most threatening problem of humanity.

Climate change doesn’t sound as grave as it is, followed by the presumption that ‘everything has to change in a dynamic world, not just climate‘. The thrill that this term has made, is in the form of numerous studies suggesting that it has changed quite differently than it should, up to the point of threatening human life. One of the direct evidences of it is the increase in the global temperature of the Earth, which when extrapolated suggests such a rise to endanger human life soon after a few decades. It is very probable that those changes aren’t changes at all but just fluctuations in the larger order of things but as revealed by some extensive studies, these are far beyond the order of mere fluctuations.

To put things short, Climate change is real. It doesn’t involve Geo-political perturbations that we are very familiar to bringing into perspective.

One of the very compelling cause of such global warming is increase in the concentration of carbon-dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere that we contribute to. Global warming thus can be avoided if we limit leaving carbon footprints to the environment. We are the only ones who can prevent climate change for we are the only ones who are contributing to it.