Our Philosophy

The ability to think, question and reason is what have made us different from the breed of hunters-gatherers we once used to be and is undoubtedly the primary driving force of all evolution. Unbiased thinking, questioning and reasoning help to sort out a realist understanding of anything. A realist understanding directly aids our survival and progress since it is not perturbed by our provincial standards and concerns but is transcendent in scope as to what is best for us.

Only when we have an objective understanding of something, that knowledge can be deemed as certain for it can be verified through experiment. But the moral code of how we should live in the society and behave has no criteria upon which it could be based and judged. Our ability to empathize and act accordingly is not a sufficient explanation of how we should behave. This ambiguity has (so often) made our values stupid at many different levels. The next challenge we should be willing to make is to reduce our values into attributes that can be measured and observed to attain a kind of objectivity for it can be brought into the realm of the physical for scrutiny.
When we think critically and aid our understanding by science, we are more likely to appreciate facts and reach unbiased conclusion. This practice of aiding our conventional understanding by science and readjusting ourselves wherever necessary, is the practice we all should aspire for, for it is what corroborates the truth and matters the most.