Our Scope

We work at the interplay of science and society. We want people to understand things from a scientific perspective. From educating people topics like Global warming, Evolution to debunking social practices of superstitions, accusations of witch-crafting etc., we are driven to create a rational society based on reason.

The irony is that just because science/critical thinking contradicts faiths that people hold at large (no obvious reason why it should not), it is denied by most and is taken as a mere composite of intelligently fabricated theories. On top of that, there is a certain class of thugs who operate by taking an advantage of this situation and push their own agendas. There are many so-called experts who exploit this gullibility of the people for their financial interests. As a check to that, we encourage free inquiry and open mindedness so that there could still be a hope for the best the humanity deserves.

“Reason and Science as a common mantra for all”