Progressives at Danger in Islamic World

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Progressives constantly at Danger in the Islamic World

Secular humanists and rationalists are treated very grimly in countries where the influence of religious fundamentalism is severe. Any progressive society should have a special recognition of these people and their responsible actions since their effort is instrumental in leading the society towards better. Free will, freedom of expression are our innate qualities but when the accepted norm in society is to surrender oneself to a book which is otherwise fallacious in many respects, the progressives who abide by with reason and intellect have a hard time living in dignity and peace.

‘Elham Arab, a leading Iranian model famous for her blonde hair, doll-like looks and wedding dress model shoots,  is one of a string of Iranian models caught up in a sting operation code-named “Spider 2”. It is aimed at models and other figures in the fashion industry who have advertised themselves or appeared on Instagram and other social media sites.’ writes The Telegraph.

From numerous murder of bloggers and rationalists to lashes and public-shaming, the problem of reconciling modern thought and religious practices especially in these regions seems to be impossible. Religious fundamentalists in no way, are trying to understand the real matter of things, nor have any respect or solidarity for emotions of fellow human beings, as far as it seems.

Progressives in these countries are in severe situation than can be normally imagined. Their families, friends and fellow people, all including the government are against their ideals. They have nowhere to report and take legal actions in case of any attacks or misconduct.

The only way this melee can be solved is by efforts of conscious global citizens like us. Countries and regions which have solidarity towards these people should alliance to save them and their progressive ideals. In a world turmoiled by complicated Geo-politics and political correctness, this is still a difficult solution but it does serve well as an expedient. Acting rationally is what marks the ideals of humanity and it is important that we do so for the sake of itself.




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