science in Nepal
February 21, 2016

The world as we see it, is different from what it really is. It is through a bridge called science that we can join our understanding of facts and the fact for itself. Science is so far the only noble way of understanding the physical world because it proceeds by reason and is subject to scrutiny and revisions wherever necessary.
Doesn’t it excite you that we are identical to any other object we see and interact with, in fundamental terms? And yet despite being so identical, unlike them we try to comprehend the world and give meaning to our life and endeavors.

Science is a much bigger thing than we do realize. Many young students and researchers are trolled by big questions and get passionate about science but living with the fact that there are no appropriate platforms to push them forward hurts so bad that either they don’t become what they could be or give up science entirely.

Promoting Science and Research is a very arduous task in itself. Nepal has been in a constant turmoil of political instability which has engulfed the overall development, making the prospect of science further difficult.

The only thing that Nepalese students lack is a platform. It is a much crucial thing without which any dream is incomplete. We don’t have an environment where studying, being passionate on a dream, networking, collaborating make much of a sense. We come from a culturally condescending environment that pretty much dominates our everything. We shouldn’t hesitate to identify and accept our problems if we are to seek for solutions. We should be a community of change-makers. And this will only start when we start to think critically and act responsibly.

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