November 16, 2017

It is apparent that the Nepalese political sphere has become quite chaotic and climactic lately. Political instability and lack of good governance to get hold of situation, almost like a norm, have affected the agenda of national development since a long time. Putting the issue of national development aside and observing the sudden flux of political consensus among the people, it is evident that the political sphere of contemporary Nepal is about to change.

A number of unexpected turns can be seen in the society, and more precisely in the affairs of the people. The vision of a perfect leader, responsible, rational citizens vehemently yearning for change can be witnessed directly after a long time, unlike those tales of a utopian past/future to which imagination is the only means.

Yes, you guessed it correct. I am talking about none but Bibeksheel Sajha and its political inspiration and prowess.

Whether you believe in the aspiration of BibeksheelSajha or not, one thing is certain. BibeksheelSajha is inspired for a cause; a cause of social reform and economic prosperity. It is clear that Bibeksheels are not typical political cadres and they wouldn’t be making political rants and speeches, if not for the sake of genuine hope among the Nepalis as to what is going to be the future of this country.

Giants like Nepali Congress (NC), Communist forces like United Marxist-Lenisist (UML) and Maoists are heroes of political leadership in Nepal and the role that they have played for political awareness among the people, civil rights protection can’t be simply dismissed (I won’t be talking about their squalids because it doesn’t fit the rationale of this article).

However, when it comes to politics and the prospect of serving the nation, it is important to consider what really is the need of time. It becomes important that we as responsible citizens constantly readjust ourselves so as to facilitate those needs. Politics is certainly not a field where your once-upon-a-time credentials are to be judged against your flawed present. These classical parties are the champions of the concept of democracy, abolition of monarchy, secularism (yes, I mean it), mixed proportional representation, social inclusion, federalism, republicanism, human rights protection (again, let us not talk about its violation) and the list goes on and on and on. Thanks to their list of political ambitions of final solution that has enabled us to acquaint ourselves with decent political consensus over time. In the pursuit of supreme power, these champions invented extreme political aspirations that were far off in scope for a small, peaceful country like Nepal. Extremity of an ideology is worse than no ideology. To put things clear, we no longer succumb into such ideological pursuits because we have seen enough of the idea of final solution. All we need is a good governance so as to drive ourselves to economic prosperity and social reform. We need peace.

It is clearly visible that these giants can no longer serve the need of time. What they are champions for, have already been achieved; one of the most liberal constitution of all time, a socially inclusive sovereign constitutional assembly to carry on the process of constitutional amendment, an able, independent Judiciary, a strong flexible military and above all politically literate citizens. There really is nothing left for these champions to achieve. Thanks to their constant effort. They deserve badge of honor from the Nepalis.

A long period of synthesis and whining has passed among the Nepalis and a clear resolution as to what is the need of time is finally apparent to everybody. Now is the time of real progress. A progress not measured as in the pages of a document but as real improvement in infrastructures, in lifestyles of people, in the quality of life of citizens, in the quality of education and healthcare, in practices of leadership and accountability and above all political honesty. These new needs of time are strange and yet to be realized by our exhausted, old political leaders. We need experts. We need politically inspired leaders of change. Above all, we need people who love their country. That is the most necessary requirement of time. Rest is optional.

This is exactly where BibeksheelSajha fits the spot.

Officially, I am not a BibeksheelSajha. But there was a time when I met them and supported them in their election campaigns during the local-level election in Kathmandu metropolitan city. Although, I had enough personal reasons not to involve in politics or take voluntary membership of an organization no matter how noble their cause, I couldn’t hesitate to support them. I don’t think I must provide a justification of my love for my country.

I was astounded to see their honesty in everything. Not a single time, were they willing to compromise on their standard of political decency and it was at those times, I questioned my morality. If you haven’t met them yet, please do. There are certain things that look like being hyped when written or spoken about.

Now, lets talk about Rabindra Mishra. I don’t claim that Rabindra Mishra is going to bring about radical changes in the country but he certainly is a hope that things are going to improve. His greatest credential is that he is not a professional political player. He is inspired to bring about change. He is one of us and that’s more important than anything. Things get obfuscated when people are on the spotlight but I think, the larger order of things like how he and his political emergence is being judged by people in general is more important. Astounding public support for his election campaigns, acceptance of BibeksheelSajha as the need of time, are major indicators of how longing people are for change. Journalism is also playing a constructive role here unlike the tit-for-tat game that it plays quite often. The BibeksheelSajha movement has been on the spotlight of national news and this seems to have threatened the major political players and status quotists already. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every people who love their country are supporting this movement, at least at an intellectual level.

Many of us might be thinking BibeksheelSajha certainly has aspirations but hasn’t made good promises yet. A culture of making vehement promises during election campaigns and blatantly breaking them later on, is persistent in the Nepalese political arena and BibeksheelSajha is just trying to change that. All BibeksheelSajha hopes is a public support so that we all, the so called ‘lovers of the country’ can do something together. In that premise, it doesn’t even need to have a discrete manifesto. That is not to say that it doesn’t have clear agendas for national prosperity and reform.

BibeksheelSajha is unlike contemporary political parties. It is we who need to readjust ourselves to give space for its political aspirations. By constantly expecting to hear a lot of good stuffs (even unrealistic stuffs like making Nepal another Singapore, running a mono-rail within a 3 years period etc.) and making loud applauses afterward, we have destroyed a bright political future of Nepal long ago. We have encouraged our political leaders, those once-upon-a-time lovers of the country and freedom fighters to give answers that we wanted to hear rather than bringing about actual economic and social reforms. It is not just our country and its governance that needs change.

The prowess of a political leader is not like that of a Prachanda who gives best speeches. But, let’s ask ourselves, what else would that helpless creature do? He is just trying to make a living.

Let’s not ruin BibeksheelSajha into that trap. Let’s embrace it and build upon it ourselves. Let us not miss the only chance we have.

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