November 21, 2017

Is it possible for something, in the name of luck, to turn out into favor without any immediate causal reason? Is such luck, only an after-effect of wishful thinking to actually influence the outcome or to interpret it in ways that favor the outcome?

For the sake of argument, let’s presume we know nothing about Luck. In doing so, we have excuse to grant benefit of doubt that it is out there and examine it as real for the sake of weighing in, its pros and cons.

Let me start with the story of a great brave warrior ‘RAMATHRA’. In various battles between the devils and the Early men that lasted centuries, it is rumored that RAMATHRA was the bravest of the brave. He single-handedly destroyed several civilizations of the devils. Anything that was to happen to the Early men, RAMATHRA would stand strong to protect them. In those days of bravery, RAMATHRA was the ultimate standard. People would aspire to become RAMATHRA. He was the best the people could conceive of and they often termed him as lucky¬†for it was unlikely that someone of an ordinary past and a lowly origin have that future of glory and fortune. His strength was the topic of research and studies to which many generations of thinkers pondered over and yet knew so little. How was it possible for RAMATHRA to have so much strength despite being a human, despite being born from ordinary parents? How was it possible to actually have luck on ones side like that of RAMATHRA?

RAMATHRA was the best of humans that even Gods envied of. He was just too perfect.

After a long endless battle with the devils one more time, he was quite exhausted but as can be inferred, it wasn’t much of a deal for him. He gave a tough fight again. No devil, however strong would come closer to RAMATHRA. It was also rumored that the Devils once held a meeting but without success to actually change themselves because there really was no way they could withstand RAMATHRA. The strength of RAMATHRA was a matter of luck to the humans. RAMATHRA’s strength was a check between good and the evil, between right and the wrong. RAMATHRA was divine.

It was a usual day on Earth¬† and something unfortunate was to happen to humans. RAMATHRA fell in love with devils, all of a sudden while he was slaying them. It wasn’t an out of nowhere thing actually. RAMATHRA was questioning his existence, lately, . ‘Am I only good for killing devils?’, ‘After all they are the creation of god and so they are beautiful but who am I to kill them like smashing a toy into nowhere?‘ He asked. Something was there within him that was very persistent to let not give up, all of a sudden. But after all, RAMATHRA was a human, a helpless human. He questioned his existence. He asked questions and he wanted to know more and better himself. ‘I must attend a university and gain some college experience. I must learn to flirt with girls and especially with KUNTIKA and start a family with her, have my kids. I must learn to sing ‘I love you’.’ he thought while smashing the head of a devil leader into the nearest rock. He was uncomfortable, for the first time, to see the blood oozing out of its head like in a classic fashion of a smashed tomato. It was enough. RAMATHRA was done. But the devils would not stop coming after him and he would slack off his blows or if the devils are persistent enough, he would throw them away into the mountains out of his emotional disgust.

RAMATHRA headed to the city council directly, with blood all over his body and informed the counselors about his doubt if it is all wrong to kill devils. He happened to study ‘FREE WILL’ by Sam Harris (a distinguished author from antiquity) the other night and came to a realization that Devils have no way but to act stupid and so it is not moral to account them for their actions. ‘After all, they have no control over what they do’ he said. RAMATHRA would stay calm and silent for weeks. He would not eat or talk or fight anything unless an absolute need to do so became necessary. But even when he had to fight, he was seriously uncomfortable. He would fight as soon as possible and head back to read relevant books from an old buried building that he happened to discover while peeing by the side of a mountain. Archaeologists concluded some 1000 years later that it was actually the Library of Congress buried under the Alaskan mountains after the massive Earthquake that destroyed the lives and civilization of the modern human history.

The language that the Early humans developed was in its infancy. It had no grammatically standard rules neither enough literature but with the exception of few pages in the form of their accord as to what is the form of their democracy and their economic plans for the next 100 years. There really was no politically correct structure of governance. What they meant as a form of democracy was a thug-like rule by some self-proclaimed counselors who really didn’t care very much except their next battle with the devils. It is very surprising that humans more or less reach to the same conclusion whatever their conditions.

RAMATHRA was summoned to the supreme court for a public hearing. Looking at the sudden rage among the people, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be good day for RAMATHRA. People were indignant to hear RAMATHRA’s opinions about the devils. ‘HERETIC RAMATHRA’, ‘SLAIN THAT BEAST’ many were yelling.

That majestic beast of RAMATHRA was gone. He looked old and weak with chains all over his body. There was an army of 1000 to guard him. If one remembers what RAMATHRA was capable of, s/he wouldn’t stop imagining how he would thrash those armies with those metals he was chained with or how he would pluck out their heads like flowers out of a plant. But RAMATHRA wouldn’t do anything. He looked doped. He was contemplating, as far as it seemed.

His further studies acquainted him with a conspiracy theory that he was touched upon by. According to the theory, some 200 years ago, the devils mastered the art of seduction and convinced themselves and their gods that they were humans. They disguised into being human and raided original humans. The devils took the son of the leader of the human and changed their literature that they were real humans and the humans were the devils. They flipped their sides and consequently the course of history. RAMATHRA realized that the leader of the devil whose head he smashed like a tomato into the rock, was none but his father. He was blown away. He was crying. Everybody around him hated him. Nobody would understand what he was going through. Whether he was a victim of his own success or a captive of his reasons was for him to decide. RAMATHRA was killed ultimately. Nobody knew about a brave soldier named RAMATHRA from the history except the writer of this story.

But apparently, in the long run of things, after about 100,000 years, a meteor hit up Earth and destroyed everything. Everyone from RAMATHRA, his human father and devil enemies, their complicities and indulgences of wars, those archaeologists and their ingenious research, the writer of this story who gave vigor to this imagination, even the readers of this article were all ultimately dumped out of the existence.

Until and unless it is not the absolute end, you can’t conclude if something is favored or not, for given the immediate chaos and uncertainties, it can end up with anything. And if there is absolute end for you to conclude something, whats the point? The question of luck doesn’t even exist.

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