August 14, 2020

The short and sweet answer is, you can’t. How great it would have been if you could have done that. The Global warming could have been swiped away almost immediately. And not just that, the new maxim for the planet would have been ‘Plz contribute to global warming for the sake of this Planet.’ or something like that. This example can at least afford to show that common sense is not always right. Just because you have energy doesn’t mean you can use it. There are laws that govern the dynamics of things and you have to abide by those rules. If you wouldn’t, you would be outdated and not anybody else. Well! we live in a world where the people regarded as the most intellectuals have no idea if this really is the case. Otherwise, they wouldn’t propose something like law of vibration and excite people to use it for their benefit. The question to ask is “Okay! I get it. There is energy everywhere but can I use it? And if so, can I use it for my benefit in ways you propose?” The reason why it can’t be used that way is the law of thermodynamics. Or to be more specific, its the law of entropy. The entropy of the system is the disorderedness or randomness of the system. For an irreversible system, the entropy always increases. And this idea of increasing entropy also introduces the idea of time. What that means is that for anything going from past to the future, the entropy must increase. And at some level this explains why the state after a bomb blast is a disordered one. Had it not been disordered, it wouldn’t have been in the future. Since we are always moving from past to future through present, entropy has to always increase. Using the heat energy out of global warming and converting it into useful work would also mean that the disorderedness of the system has decreased which is just not possible since we are advancing to the future. The direction of time to the future is the direction yo increasing entropy.#science#physics#heat#chatti#projectmodulus(More to come)

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