August 14, 2020

Water as we know it, is Di-hydrogen Oxide i.e. a specific combination of two hydrogen atoms with an oxygen atom. And when it comes to water there really is nothing extraordinary about it except the anomalous expansion. If we dig further into this we will realize that at solid state (ice state) water has more molecular volume. This contributes to the Ice having less density than when in the liquid state making ice float over water. And this is the reason why aquatic life is possible. Now if you are someone who already thought of this as a mystery or some form of supernatural power (which ironically means the same thing) so that Lord Bishnu can relax with his sweetheart under the complete privacy from the world by being under the snow, then you are already off the boat. I don’t have much to offer except my best wishes for your endeavors. But if you are not there yet, I think, we have a lot to do together. Just like any other molecule, water retains the same properties irrespective of whether it is derived from the Ganga or from Bangalko Khadi or from Sadhguru himself. Having to see English speaking dudes like Sadhguru saying baseless things among the greater mass and influencing them to believe those, inspires me not to ever do so in life. His audience is the usual ‘OUR_CULTURE_OUR_GLORY cadres who are only there to affirm his intelligence and be wowed at his wisdom. Has anybody ever questioned what would be the limit of such wholesale inductive logic? They say ‘water traps all the vibration around itself’. And they even urge you to go check for yourself if the research is authentic or not. I did check and discovered that there are no such research except an interesting take by Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize 2008) who had quite an attachment with this idea initially conceived by biologist Jacques Benveniste. Montagnier was the one who discovered the HIV virus and he says that he was inspired by the idea of ‘water having memory’ by Jacques Benveniste that he pursued upon and applied in his own work. As of now, there is no established science behind it. And even if there could be some sort of truth in it, it is at least not in extent as much as it is exaggerated. Sadhguru could either be laughably ignorant or some hypocrite when he said ‘you take a glass of water in your hand, put some good thoughts and the water must work accordingly.’ And he is a complete idiot when he said “the molecular structure of water can be rearranged without changing its chemical properties just by a thought.” And not just that he also assured everyone in the audience that it is an established scientific fact when it clearly isn’t. This is something like stupid claims coming from even acclaimed scientists. As well as being the proponent of classical mechanics, Newton also pursued bible and alchemy very seriously. Or to take another example, the father of Molecular biology, Linus Pauling believed that “vitamin C cures terminal cancer”. What scientists do as people is irrelevant to what science is as a method. Every time something commercial appears out of science, these mystics do not think twice to cite it. ‘This is scientific’ has become a very commercial statement.What really pisses me off is that a man deemed as an intelligent thinker (and he sure is) says baseless stupid things to fulfill his own agendas and gets away with it easily. But in a world where Narendra Modi is rocking the PM office when in fact he should have been in Bollywood and Donald Trump rocking the Oval office instead of Casino, I am not very surprised at all.#physics#science#sadhguru#mystics#water#projectmodulus

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