August 14, 2020

I do not have a specialized metric to know if this issue that I am going to discuss in this post is the biggest scam on Earth but from my personal observation, I can say with confidence that this is a very systematic lie that is being fed to the people of the world from a very long time. And quite ironically, we all, one way or the other want this lie to be true. Its so promising that even unbelievers like me, at some point in time, were fanatic about it. This lie is no other than the ubiquitous “LAW OF ATTRACTION”.’The power of thought to influence the external world.’ How convincing and at the same time how gratifying it sounds to almost anyone conscious enough to know what that means. To make it even more dramatic, ‘The power of thought to force the universe out there to work in your favor.’ Ah! so much of fashion. Interestingly, the proponents of this theory have great scholastic degrees to impress. Many of these are scientists with PhDs from well-known universities. And when people see the word ‘science’ attached to anything, they tend to think that it is scientific. But we must realize that we can’t make things scientific by attaching ‘science’ to its definition. Science is great so why don’t we just accept what scientists say. We have been believing so many things that scientists tell us. Did we confirm when scientists tell us that the Earth is round? Didn’t we just believe it when scientists said that the universe is expanding? Either we should all dismiss what scientists say or we should all believe them. Let’s believe them because they are scientists.This line of thinking presented in the paragraph above is the single biggest factor that contributes to why this thing is spreading like wildfire. There are many other factors too. We will discuss it all but first let me talk about the scientific basis of it. I mean, we will discuss the scientific basis of how it can’t be true. There is no science behind this thing itself. It’s a hoax. But please don’t dismiss this article yet. Give me some time to persuade you to think and we will see where things go.’The Power of subconscious mind’ written by Joseph Murphy is a must read book for many people on Earth. When the world out there behaves too rudely, the next evade you can have is the privacy of your room, reading, knowing all great things your mind alone can do. It gives a sense of power, the illusion that you can make it rain or some cloud clattering and you would look in the sky if it really is working and you see it happening with your own eyes. And you conclude what a magical experience it is. You will remember all the words fed by people like Sadguru and Deepak Chopra and Murphy himself. And suddenly, you are powerful again. You will start smiling and will choose to use your power responsibly because you remember ‘with new power, comes new responsibility’ from the Spiderman movie. And your world is beautiful again.At least this used to happen to me. I can very much relate to such feelings. I have met many otherwise intelligent people say that they can use their brain power to heal people out of their pain and the evade to the logic behind that is made almost always by saying that they themselves are surprised by it. I tell them that it is their illusion of complexity. Not just for them, but there is always a tendency among people to be optimistic about possibilities, especially the weird ones. When Deepak Chopra talks about his magical version of quantum superposition, he isn’t talking about the usual quantum mechanical behavior of electrons, he necessitates it to be beyond comprehension. How exciting and spiritual it then sounds to talk about the unknown that nobody is aware of. By chance if somebody is aware of what he is talking about, s/he has to be an idiot because it by definition is incomprehensible.Roger Penrose is a brilliant physicist doing exciting research in this subject. His joint paper with biologist Haemroff, tried to establish brain as a quantum computer that is capable of coherence. The quantum mechanics is absurd because it allows one particle to be at many different places simultaneously, necessitates the violation of fundamental laws like principle of least action and many other weird things like tunneling through a barrier and action-at-a-distance. What that also meant is that the brain must be equally idiotic because it too behaves quantum mechanically. That allowed for the proponents of ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION’ relate it to their agenda and thus they succeeded in providing a pseudo-scientific basis for it. If quantum mechanics wasn’t here yet, these proponents wouldn’t have dared to call their theory a scientific one. But that was all in the latter half of 2oth century.Max Tegmark, a brilliant physicist at MIT is quite unconventional in his researches. Apart from his usual cosmology research, he makes time to also dig into the nature of reality. In a paper published in 1999, he showed that the brain is a classical object in contrast to what Penrose and Haemroff had to say. He showed that the quantum effects like superposition easily decohere before they make any meaningful change in the physiology of the brain. Ironically, mainstream science of 21st century isn’t much into understanding brain processes. Scientists presume it to be settled long ago during the Bohr-Einstein debates whose resolution was made in the Copenhagen interpretation in the 1920s concluding that all measurement processes are to be conducted by a classical measuring instrument making the brain-centered interpretation obsolete.When we come to the subject of whether human brain behaves classically or quantum mechanically, the issue isn’t settled yet. Quantum mechanics itself is paralyzed because it makes many absurdities a necessary condition of the physical world. One such example is entanglement. The understanding that quantum particles entangle with one another is a consequence of quantum superposition, a very simple quantum mechanical phenomena where two or more particles interlude to output a resultant effect. How can this superposition and therefore entanglement take place is something that demanded some hidden variable mechanism. This was the reason why Einstein never accepted quantum theory as the true description of nature. There hasn’t been significant researches in this domain except the Bell Inequalities that dismissed local hidden variable mechanisms. At least, physicists are at no fascination in this domain. May be the physicists are waiting for the theory of consciousness to develop from a neurological point of view. Scientists at the present state of affairs are convinced that our mind and therefore our subjective being has nothing to do the world out there. Speaking of human mind, they don’t seem to consider human mind as an exciting topic for any meaningful research. The progress of Artificial intelligence and machine learning may render this subject interesting again to the physicists in the near future. And quite interestingly, there is an analogy between the functioning of brain and the quantum theory itself. Both are mysterious. Scientists are skeptical if one of these mysterious phenomena can be explained by another. But then amid this state of chaos and uncertainty, we have people of Chopra intelligence come and glorify the fact that we can in principle never know the world out there. In principle, it must be possible to know anything physical because that can be measured, quantified and reconciled into a theoretical framework. So, they bring out all kind of fancies like spirituality. Then comes the jargon of how you can influence the universe out there just by pure thought. This is not to say that all that exists is physical. I have no expertise to know this. In fact, nobody does. This article is more about the commercialization of spirituality than about spirituality itself. Spirituality doesn’t need a supernatural definition but can be explained in terms of self-improvement and means of physiotherapy achieved in earthly ways.When we look at the progress we have made in physical cosmology, the cosmos doesn’t seem to be made by a divine creator. And that also makes us insignificant creatures just like tigers, deers, insects and grasshoppers. Well! Its fantastic that we are conscious being looking forward to the meaning of our lives but the universe doesn’t behave according to our liking. There are insurmountable amount of evidences to support this. Just remember the series of changes that happened in the course of the evolution of the universe, the tiniest changes from which would have rendered an entirely different universe.My question is, are these proponents of LAW OF ATTRACTION even aware of the dynamics at play here. Do they even care? Okay, I get to understand why this scheme of things is profitable. Motivation Industry is worth tens of billion of dollars. There clearly are monetary motivations behind it. But there are still people who do care to know the world at its face value. I have met some people whose world was broken apart when I was somehow able to convince the true picture at play. Many times when I expect an intellectual conversation to sprout, I have been time and again, asked ‘what do you think about the law of vibration?’ as if it is some kind of law like the law of gravity. So much of fakeness is all around and nobody seem to care. Not even intellectuals and scientists. Because of the fact that we humans can imagine something beyond the physical, we are also necessitating it to be out there. I personally know many fellow members of my species who believe in this fake thing wholeheartedly. My intention isn’t to steal their fake happiness but to render the truth clear and straightforward. With all due respect, The LAW OF ATTRACTION is a hoax. In fact, the biggest hoax of all time in the human history. #lawofattraction#science#physics#consciousness#projectmodulus

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