A hope of New Nepal

It is apparent that the Nepalese political sphere has become quite chaotic and climactic lately. Political instability and lack of good governance to get hold of situation, almost like a norm, have affected the agenda of national development since a long time. Putting the issue of national development aside and observing the sudden flux of […]

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Progressives at Danger in Islamic World

Progressives constantly at Danger in the Islamic World Secular humanists and rationalists are treated very grimly in countries where the influence of religious fundamentalism is severe. Any progressive society should have a special recognition of these people and their responsible actions since their effort is instrumental in leading the society towards better. Free will, freedom […]

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Blasphemy Rights Day

What the International Blasphemy Rights Day should be all about? A specific day granting us rights to speak out our opinions, is in no way, a reason to be excited for but rather indicative of moral hardships that is upon our progress of knowledge, reason and its expression. Given that we are rational creatures and […]

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Black Lives matter… Really?

Isn’t ‘Black Lives matter’ a racism itself? Is there any point in emphasizing only a specific race of people into who would matter? A rationally justifiable position would definitely be where all lives matter. It is strange to see the ‘Black Lives matter’ movement blooming in real. The essence of such movement would be to […]

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