I have a Dream

I am aware that I am not uniquely in a position to have standard dreams; standard in a sense that they stand out, out of many such dreams. But let me assume myself as an idealist and, at least for a moment, take for granted that my dreams wouldn’t remain dreams forever but would manifest […]

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Astronomy and Space Science

The definition of space is ambiguous in itself. In one sense, it refers to the physical room in which anything exists but studies in Astronomy has changed the way we generally understand it. Now, space refers to the totality of all creation and the vastness of the universe. The pale yellow/red dots like stars that […]

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Cosmology Overview

The curiosity about the nature and the structure of our universe has been an important topic for thought and wonder since the time immemorial. The philosophical inquiry by Empedocles, one of the prominent pre-socratic philosophers, on the basic constituent of the universe as being earth, air, fire and water was remarkable. Aristotle’s view on motion […]

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Environment and Science

Environment refers to multitude of things that we are related to, from the physical habitat we live in, to the social, behavioral aspect, we are a part of. Environmental science therefore, is an interdisciplinary field of study as it involves many different disciplines like physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology etc. It is a social science […]

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‘On the Origin of Species’, a book written by Charles Darwin in 1859, is the foundational book of evolutionary biology. It explains how life forms, related through a common descent, evolve by the gradual process of evolution, leading to speciation (formation of new species), opposing the idea of creationism (the doctrine which assumes that living […]

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