The Realist

The Realist: An Expedient of Reason!

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I am very privileged to have co-authored a book ‘The Realist: An Expedient of Reason’ with a good friend of mine, Hyeon Seok Kim. Kim is a graduate of Economics from Kyung Hee University, South Korea and is a very able and a thoughtful writer. We thought our distant backgrounds would complement each other well enough and thus stand out among our readers. We have offered the best out of us and are hopeful that the book will commit when it comes to meeting the intellectual expectation of the readers.

The book is based on objective analysis of facts encircling the topics of science, religion, culture and the society. It encourages us to be realists and not be duped by false identities that we buy into our perspectives. Here are the Introduction and the chapter outline to give you an idea what the book is all about.

Please help us create a world of reason.

Thank you very much!


Raju Sharma Khatiwada

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